MaybeVoid is the personal site for Soares Chen. I blog about functional programming in languages including Haskell, Racket, OCaml, Rust. I also write about research topics in programming language theory including Type Theory, Algebraic Effects, Linear Types, and Formal Verification.

In general, if you understands how the Haskell type Maybe Void is equivalent to (), or if you are interested in finding that out, then you might be interested to read my posts here.

Disclaimer: Content on this site are purely my personal opinions produced on my own free time. This site is not affiliated with any organization or company that I work with.


Implicit Effects

Implictit Effects is a new effects library for Haskell that implements algebraic effects using implicit parameters and constraint kinds. The project is currently in draft state, with the code mostly ready and me still working on the documentation.

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