Hello Zola

Posted September 18, 2021 ‐ 1 min read

It took me long enough to revamp this website maybevoid.com using Zola as the static site generator. The simple act of just setting up the templates and website structure took me more than a day.

The biggest friction I find in maintaining a personal website is that I always get distracted in the technical aspects of setting up the website, rather than focusing on writing content for it. So far I find the simplicity of Zola is good enough that hopefully I won't get bogged down by tweaking it again after the initial setup.

I am also hoping to simplify the deployment process so that I do not need to reach out git, terminal, and a local editor on Linux just to do minor edit on the website. Netlify seems to offer a streamlined way of deploying websites with minimal tools. I will try it out and see it will fit my needs on updating the website.