Soares Chen

About Myself

My official name is Ruofei Chen (陈若飞), with Soares being my nickname. I am a Malaysian Chinese grew up in Penang. I spent a little over ten years studying and living in Singapore. I moved to Leipzig, Germany in 2019 and I am presently living there.

I am a programming language enthusiast for many years, spending most of my early days hacking the web. In recent years, I got interested in functional programming and started learning Haskell. That lead me into the rabbit hole of discovering the world of programming language research.

I have many years of mainstream programming experience, although I am relatively new in the fields of functional programming and programming language research. There are many things that excites me and I am still learning a lot every day. I started MaybeVoid to share the things I learned, and also to connect to the broader programming language community around the world.

I really enjoy coding in Haskell, and would love to explore career opportunities in Haskell or related work. If you would like to get in touch, do drop me an email


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