Welcome to Soares Chen’s homepage MaybeVoid. My interest is in functional programming (Haskell, Rust, Ocaml, etc), and programming language research (dependent types algebraic effects, row polymorphism, session types, etc).

In general, if you understands how the Haskell type Maybe Void is equivalent to (), or if you are interested in finding that out, then you might be interested to read my posts here.

Target Audience

This site is mainly targeted towards Haskell enthusiasts with interest to learn about Haskell and beyond. I would assume that you have at least some knowledge in Haskell, and that you are into functional programming. I write about various topics in programming languages, but it would be from the perspective of intermediate Haskell programmers who are new to those topics.

Source Code

This site is powered by Hakyll. The source code for this site is open sourced at GitHub.


Content on this site are purely my personal opinions produced on my own free time. This site is not affiliated with any organization or company that I work with.


There is no comment section on this site. If you would like to give any feedback or comment, you can reach me through my email contact@maybevoid.com or Twitter @maybevoid.